West Monroe, LA

Texarkana, TX

Ashville, AL


RAB, Inc. supplies a complete line of kiln services throughout the United States. We are an industry leader in providing innovative solutions in the rotary kiln industry.

Services offered:

  • Brick Lining (single component, dual component and polygonal)
  • Brick and Castable Dams Installation
  • Castable Lining (pneumatically gunned, form & pour, shot cast)
  • Lifters (brick and precast)
  • Chain Systems
  • Anchor Installation
  • Nose Castings Installation
  • Lump Breaker Installation
  • Retainer Ring Installation
  • Kiln Lining Profile and Reports
  • Other Mechanical Services Related to Refractory

We own and maintain a full line of Brokk robotic demolition equipment as well as skid steers with radius, buckets and kiln bricking rigs that allow brick installation in kilns from 6 ft. to 19 ft. in diameter.

Industries Serviced:

  • Lime Sludge Industry
  • Wood Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Clay Industry
  • Incineration Industry
  • Aggregate Industry
  • Lime Industry