We Help with the Following:

  • Rotary Kiln

    Installation of single and dual component brick lining. Rotocasting, Stripcasting and pumping castables.

  • Pneumatic Gunning

    Installation of lightweight and dense castable by dry bagged material applied by air and water at the nozzle.

  • Shotcasting

    Wet applied castable by pump and mixer. Large quantities of castable can be applied by this method.

  • RTO’S

    Media removal and installation, grate beam and metal repair. Ceramic fiber demo and installation

  • Corrosion Resistant Lining

    Tile, Acid Brick, and Epoxy. Protect u-drains, concrete, tanks and containments with industry leading linings.

  • Boiler Refractory Installation

    Specialize in refractory installation in boilers all over the country from power, recovery, to fluidized bed boilers in all industries.

  • Robotic Demolition

    Safely and Effectively remove build up, debris, brick, or concrete with Brokk Robotics.

  • Concrete Restoration

    Repair spalling concrete on motor pads, floors, or curbs to like new finish with long lasting results.

  • Inspections

    Drone and Visual inspections for all your refractory lined units and beyond.

Industries Served:

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Cement Industry
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Incineration Industry
Aggregate Industry
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Pulp and Paper

Get in touch with us should you require any of the services we offer. At RAB., Inc., we are always ready to take on any challenge and deliver quality services that meet your needs. We also provide various work opportunities to help you start your career in the industry. Call or email us to learn more, or visit our office in West Monroe, LA.

Lining Construction