Job Application

Do you understand an offer of employment may be made contingent on passing a job-related physical examination. Do you agree to submit to a controlled substances screening by the company's designated medical professional and at the company's expense.
Do you hereby certify that you are not currently restricted by a non-compete contract of any kind or document similar in nature that would restrict, interfere, or limit with your employment with RAB Inc.
Do you understand that any omission or misstatement of facts on this application used to secure employment will be grounds for rejection of this application or immediate discharge, regardless of the time passed before discovery.
Do you authorize the company to contact any of my references listed above for purposes of inquiring about my qualifications for the job? In addition, do you certify that all information you have provided in this application is accurate to the best of your knowledge? Do you understand that the company may conduct a background check and authorize the company to do so. Do you agree, that you will complete and deliver the company's "Request, Authorization, Consent, and Release of Background Information."